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# Sunday, March 04, 2012

Last Wednesday (Leap Day 2012), Microsoft made Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 betas available for download.  This new version includes a number of new ALM features such as Code Reviews, Agile Project Management Tools, IntelliTrace in production, Unit Test multi-framework support, and many others.   

Use download links below to begin taking advantage of the new version.  These betas have a go-live license and will have a supported upgrade path to RTM.  In addition the new version can be installed and run side by side with previous versions of Visual Studio.  The VS 11 Beta can even open existing VS 2010 SP1 solutions without upgrading the solutions allowing other developers with VS 2010 SP1 to continue to work in the same solution.  See Visual Studio 11 Compatibility for more details.  View Product Highlights for Visual Studio 11 Beta for more details on everything that is included.

Downloads are available here:

In addition to the Beta downloads.  There was also a number of resources that also launched the same day to show you how to leverage all of the features in Visual Studio ALM 11. 

I have already started using the VS 11 beta for several projects and the new experience and features are great (I did switch the color theme to “Dark”). 


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